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Flat Roof Doctor

47 Stevens Street

Norwalk, CT. 06850

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203 858 0080

Our Experience

We have been in the roofing business for over 30 years. We have repaired almost anything that could go wrong on roofs. We are the experts to find leaks and troubleshoot what went wrong.

Our experience and knowledge help us to understand and know all kind of roofing systems. When you call us, we will give you a very good understanding of your roof or the problem on the roof and provide the best solution for it.

Naas - I have been in the roofing business for over 30 years.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us – Roofing Contractors”

  1. Flat Roof Doctors are the most knowledge and experienced roofing contractors I have ever worked with. Naas personally came to my house to look at our leaking roof and repaired it on the spot saving us thousands of dollars and buying us time until we have to replace the roof. This company truly knows what they are talking about when it comes to flat roofs and are in my opinion the best in the country.

    1. Thanks, Michelle for the kind words. We might not be the best in the country, but I think we are the most passionate about our trade. There are Roofing Contractors that will do everything by the book, and that is good, but everyone can’t afford such service. What we do is to provide a solution the most economical way and still get the best life expectancy from the roofs we do.
      Have a wonderful holiday and we will be doing your roof after the winter.

      Best Regards

    2. Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully, we will be out there soon after the winter to install a new roof for you. I am glad the repair is holding up.

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