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Flat Roof Repair

Fix, Mend or DIY Flat Roof Repair

Anyone can Fix or make a flat roof repair, but you need to know the following:

If you already have the answer to these points above, you can then choose from these three links to see how to go about repairing your flat roof:

If you never fixed a rubber roof, then it could be intimidating at first. But, if you understand the type of roof you have, and the tools needed to make the repairs, then with a little knowledge you can repair your own flat roof at a minimal cost.

Click on the appropriate links above and start learning how to fix your own flat roof.

Rubber Roofs -Comparing EPDM and Torch Down Rubber Membranes Video

Rubber Roofs – Modified Bitumen Torch Down -Video

Rubber Roofs – Modified Bitumen vs EPDM Rubber This Article: Comparing Rubber Roofs “Modified Bitumen Torch Down” vs “EPDM Rubber Membrane” Rubber roofs were introduced in the late ’60s in the United States. Both EPDM and Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber membranes were making their way into the roofing industry early on. These rubber roofs have evolved since their conception. See …

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Rubber Roof Membrane System - Video - Flat Roof Repair - New Rochelle, NY

Rubber Roof Systems – Watch Video

Rubber Roofs on flat roofs There are many types of roofing systems available. The most common rubber roof across the US today is EPDM. When EPDM came on the market in the ’60s, it quickly became a favorite roofing system due to its elasticity and the width of the material. The most durable rubber roofs with little maintenance are the Modified …

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commercial rubber flat roof

Commercial Rubber Flat Roof Installation in Stamford CT

The most common problems on Commercial Rubber Flat Roof are: We have been installing Commercial Rubber Flat Roof for over 25 years in Stamford, New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport Ponding or standing water Clogged strainers over internal drains Clogged scuppers that protrude through a parapet wall Drains are not in the right areas Edges are higher than the roof preventing water run-off Air Conditioner …

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Small Flat Roof Darien CT Flat Roof Repair

Removal and installation of a Flat Roof that was very dangerous

The most dangerous flat roof we did This widow’s walk in Darien, Connecticut was not a typical challenge. A small and high flat roof. There was almost no place to put tools or material. This roof should have taken one day to do, but instead took us five days. They were working about 50 ft up from …

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