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Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs – there are many types of flat roofs, and a multitude of issues can cause a problem. It is best to understand your roof and the materials on it. Bad workmanship causes most problems.

A Flat Roof Repair list:

  1. Determine the type of flat roof membrane that’s on the roof
  2. Find the cause of the leak – chimney, vent, flashing, drain
  3. Determine the extent of the repair
  4. If it is just a small hole or tear, buy the compatible sealant to make the necessary repairs
  5. If it is extensive, find a roofing contractor that specializes in the particular roof membrane
  6. At the bottom of this page is my details. Send pictures of your roof and I will help you determine how to go about repairing your flat roof.
  7. Watch the video to see what are the different materials

Flat Roof Membrane

There are 3 types of membranes used. These are EPDM rubber, TPO vinyl, and Modified Bitumen membranes. It takes some experience and knowledge to be able to make flat roof repairs on these membranes.

DIY Flat Roof Repair Videos and Instructions - determine type of flat roof

DIY Flat Roof Repair Videos and Instructions

Before making a Flat Roof Repair, determine what type of roof you have

EPDM Roof Membrane Being Repaired

Repairs on EPDM Rubber membranes are more common than other membranes.

Repairs Flat roof. Flat roof membrane being repaired - EPDM rubber

Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber Membrane 

It is very rare that flat roof repairs are done on done on a Modified Bitumen Torch Down roof. These type of roofing systems are tough and generally will outlast all other roofing systems.

When a flat roof repair is necessary, then a Bitul sealant should be used. Some Tar products can also be used to make repairs.

Modified Bitumen Torch Down rubber membrane- The best type of rubber roof membrane to install

3 thoughts on “Rubber Roof membranes, EPDM Rubber, Torch Down- Watch videos”

  1. They are very helpful. I’m from the Mid-West and they were more than happy to help with my questions. We have a very small percentage of low slope residential roofs here. An sometimes difficult to get a contractor. So, Thanks very much.

    1. I am glad we could help Keith. I hope your repairs on your flat roof works out. With all the images of your roof you have provided, I could make a clear assessment and give you the proper information.
      Let me know if I can be of further help.
      Take care

  2. Naas,

    First off I want to say you have a very informative website on flat roofs. I spent about 30 minutes looking through the videos and information and it was very helpful. I always here TPO Roofs are the best (in commercial applications) and your website does a better job of Pros and Cons of each and that its not necessary the case that TPO are better long term than Torch Down.

    I am looking to get your opinion on the flat roof on my house that I purchased a few years ago.

    I live in Dallas, Texas and the house has a Spanish Tile Roof on the Front that is pretty old and the back half added on has a flat roof with a parapet wall and sort of a Clay Tile Cap which unfortunately has lost a few tile from a Spring Storm.

    My questions are best summarized by the following three questions.

    1) What kind of Roof is this?
    2) What is the best repair strategy for this or does it appear to be needing a new roof.
    3) Vents – Some have caps, some don’t. Should every vent have a cap? If not which ones?

    Other Thoughts
    • I have giant Pecan Trees that drop leaves and pecans for most of the year. I have learned to clean that up now but I believe it has contributed to some of the damage. If one day I got a new roof which roof type is best for leaves and conditions in Texas (very hot)?
    • I believe the roof is somewhere between 8 to 12 years old. I cannot verify it though. It has had some patches.
    • I am fairly handy but would depending on the type of repair I would need to evaluate whether I could do it or not.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. I have attached a file with photos.

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