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Articles and Videos about:

  1. Fixing and Recovering an old metal roof
  2. Our method patching it with rubber
  3. Showing silicone spray destroying a metal roof
  4. Installing a Rubber Roof over a metal roof

Cost effective Metal Roof Repairs

Many old metal roofs have been around for 40 years or longer. Some of them need fixing. The fasteners and washers have dried up and caused leaks.

Our method of using rubber membrane to make repairs have worked very well so far. This technique could help you extend your metal roofs life for another ten years.


Metal Roof Recovery

Metal Roof Recovery Options on the Proper Repair of a Leaking Metal Roof Based on the research conducted by Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), it showed that in the U.S, pre-engineered metal buildings constitute over half of all the latest, low-rise one-...

Metal Roof Repairs

https://youtu.be/681RfhpfuTI Certain industrial facilities like steel, chemical, and ice plants must stay safe, operates effectively without any malfunction, and no unintended maintenance requirement or replacement for decades. In order to safeguard the equipment from...