Metal Roof Repairs or Recovery – we specialize in fixing metal roofs

Metal Roof Repairs or Recovery

We have formulated a unique rubber adhesive combination to make metal roof repairs. Even if the roof has rusted holes and seams or joints are causing the leaks, our rubber membrane patches will be able to take care of any leakage.

Many leaks are due to the transition from an obstacle like a vent pipe, skylight to the roof. The seams created in these transitions will sometimes open up or cause water to stand to rust the metal making it leak.

Metal Roof Repair Videos

Watch the videos where we show how we repair or recover a metal roof. As long as there is no paint on the surface, we can install a rubber membrane over the entire surface extending the metal roof lives expectancy.

If there is a coat of paint or sealant, then we can patch areas where the leaks are by removing the painted area.

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