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TPO Vinyl Membrane Repair

It is relatively easy to make a TPO Vinyl Membrane Repair

TPO Vinyl Membrane was introduced in the late 70’s. It has been promoted as a commercial roof membrane. From my experience is that it doesn’t last longer than 20 years in the Noth East of the USA. In the south, it will be even worse.

Repairing these membranes are fairly easy.

How to Fix a TPO Vinyl Membrane

TPO Vinyl Roofing membrane

If you have a TPO Vinyl Roof, then, for the most part, it can be repaired. Depending on how much sun exposure the roof had, these roofs can last up to 20 years.

The seams are fused together and will not come apart as in an EPDM Roof. Wipe your hand on the surface of the TPO roof and if your hand has white chalk on it, then it is at the end of its life expectancy. The chalking means that ultraviolet rays have beaten on it and a new roof might have to be installed. This doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. It means don’t spend too much repairing a roof that will not last much longer.

Warning: Read the article on Steps to take before repairing

This video shows a TPO Membrane Roof after 15 years started to leak. Ultraviolet rays are breaking down the seams.

Below are the Tools and Materials needed to make Roof Repairs on a TPO Vinyl Roof




TPO Cover Tape to make flat roof repairs

TPO Roll of seam Tape to make roof repairs

Scissors for TPO cover Tape roofing repair

Scissors for TPO Cover Tape Roofing Repair

Milwaukee Utility Knife to slice EPDM Rubber cover tape

Milwaukee utility Knife to be used for making TPO Roofing Repairs

Lacquer Thinners, Rags and gloves

Lacquer Thinners, Rags, Gloves for repairing an EPDM Rubber Roof

A special Heat Gun to fuse the seams together

Heat gun to make TPO Vinyl Membrane Repair

Hand pick to probe the seam edges to find a loose seam and a roller to pressure seams together when fusing with a heat gun

Nylon Roller with a seam pick to probe seams for flat roof repairs




TPO Vinyl Roof Membrane Repair
  • Before making repairs, make sure the surface is clean – normally a rag and lacquer thinners will do the job
  • Buy a roof pick so you can check the seams to find any gaps
  • Buy a roll of seam tape and primer. The seam tape is unbelievable good. Follow the instructions on the can of primer
  • If you have to apply some caulking, only use urethane caulk and never silicone
  • After identifying and cleaning the area to be repaired, take a paintbrush and apply a coat of Primer to the surface
  • Wait until the primer is touch dry
  • Cut the right size cover tape, peel the paper back off, and stick the tape to the primed area

This method is the best, but too costly to do it yourself. The handheld heat gun cost over $700 and then it takes practice to use it. It is best to get a professional that has the experience and tools if a repair is required with a heat gun.

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