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Erik Ferreira - Roofing Contractor in Norwalk CT

Erik Ferreira – Owner of Flat Roof Doctor

I have been a roofing contractor for over seven years. I learned about roofing when I was a teenager shooting the videos for my father’s roofing business, Flat Roof Doctor. As time went by, I was put to work during school holidays and so got my roofing experience.

My father, Naas, have developed a roofing system that exceeds the longevity and quality of any other roofing system on the market today.

This system is a Two Ply Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber Roof that is fused together. It’s thicker than any other roofing material, and then ceramic granules are embedded on the surface to give it the needed protection against harmful UV’s.

Erik – Roofing Contractor and Consultant

With the experience and knowledge, I gained from working with my father; I provide the best roofing system that anyone can install. The years of trial and errors are over. I  can take any commercial roof and provide you with the best option and very competitive pricing. Although the materials used to Install a Two-Ply Rubber roof cost more than that of single ply roofing systems, the installation cost is considerably less.

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Learning Experience 

There is nothing better than learning first hand from someone that has been through all the trials that roofing could throw at him. My father Naas, had to learn and formulate techniques that were not available to him at the time. After many failures of installing a rubber torch down roof, he finally came up and improved techniques and products that worked the best. Today we have a roofing system that outperforms all other roofing systems.

Erik Ferreira - roofing Contractor Norwalk

Tel. Connecticut – 203 858 0080

Email – erik_fer@yahoo.com

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Erik carrying the cameras for video shooting on a roof
Erik behind the camera for videos on a roof

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Con Artist Roofing Contractor
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