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Chimney Articles about:

  1. How to seal a Chimney Leak
  2. Repair and Maintenance of a Chimney
  3. Chimney Grout and Repointing
  4. Chimney Leaks – how to find and fix them
  5. Flashing on a chimney causing a leak

Fixing or Repairing Chimneys

Over the years chimneys need maintenance. The cement grout starts deteriorating and causes leaks. Many times the crown (slab on the very top part of the chimney) will crack and get brittle causing water to leak in. These are the major components of a chimney that should be checked.

Chimney Grouting or Re – Pointing

Chimney Re Pointing or Regrouting Chimney Grouting or Chimney Repointing. This is the most neglected part of chimney repairs. Most people will just try to caulk cracks or use some sealant. Removing old grout or cement from between the stone or bricks is not easy and...

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Chimneys Repairs and Repointing

Chimney Repairs Chimney repairs are inevitable over the years. The chimney crown or the cement grout or the flashing will need to be redone. The North where ice conditions are is where most repairs on chimneys are needed. Chimney Repair and Re-pointing Repointing a...

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