Sven Ferreira – Roofing Contractor

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Sven Ferreira - Roofing Contractor
Sven Ferreira

Sven Ferreira – Roofing Contractor Norwalk CT

My Roofing Experience.

My roofing experience began at the age of 10 when I shot the videos for my father’s roofing business in Norwalk, Connecticut. For the last eight years, I have been installing and managing roofing projects for my dad Naas, alongside my two older brothers, Erik and Andre, who currently owns Commercial Roof USA.

Proprietary Roofing System

In the last 30 years, my family has developed a proprietary roofing system that out-performs other roofing systems on the market today. This system consists of two layers of Modified Bitumen Rubber membranes fused together. The experience I have gained by being on the roof from a young age and working alongside other laborers has helped me to be able to run a roofing company and provide the best roofing possible.

Installing and Repairing all Roofing Systems

I troubleshoot leaky roofs and make the necessary repairs. EPDM Rubber roofs are the worst, and it takes a keen eye to find the leaks and make the repairs.

I am also the installer of our proprietary roofing system for all Commercial Roof applications. I manage roof projects of any size and making sure it meets our quality standards.

I also have started my own roofing business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As soon as it gets established, I will permanently move to Monroeville, a neighboring city of Pittsburgh.

Sven Ferreira -Video camera on roof
Sven started at 14 during school holidays to come on roofs and take videos of roofing projects
Sven Ferreira - Roofing Contractor 1
Sven installing a torch down roof

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