Naas Ferreira

I was born in South Africa and moved to the US in 1986. I started Flat Roof Doctor in the '90s. I have Three boys and two girls. I am a Born Again Christian and love to help people. When you come across grammar and spelling errors, please forgive me. I am the site content creator, videomaker and photographer.

Five Tips on finding and repairing flat roof leaks

Flat Roof Drains

Five tips on the correct installation for a flat roof drain There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to flat roof drains. Not all conditions and …

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Super Silicone Seal

Super Silicone Seal has been formulated to protect all roofs against heat and ultraviolet. This product will adhere to Metal, Modified Bitumen, EPDM Rubber, and TPO. A roller, brush, airless …

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Flat Roof Leak

My opinions about Flat Roof Leaks

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