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Rubber Membrane Repair Torch Down – DIY Videos

Rubber Membrane Repair Torch Down – DIY Videos

Tools for Torch Down Rubber membrane

Torch Down Rubber Membrane Repair

It is fairly easy to make a rubber membrane repair ones you have the tools and materials.

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Warning – Before making Torch Down Rubber Membrane Repairs – see important steps

Steps before making repairs

The Torch Down Rubber Membrane is still by far the best roofing membrane and will outlast any other roofing membrane.

You might have a Modified Bitumen Rubber Roof Membrane that wasn’t installed or maintained properly and therefore may need some care.

How to repair a Torch Down Rubber Membrane Roof

Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber membrane

If you have a Torch Down Rubber roof and it was protected against ultraviolet rays with a silver coating or a ceramic surface, then it could last indefinitely. These roofs are tough and as long as there is a protection on it, they will not go bad.

If it was not protected, then you have to look for certain signs to determine if it’s repairable or not.

  1. Spider cracks in the surface – the entire surface will have these fine cracks, but it could be just in the beginning stages and you could still repair the roof
  2. Look for seam separation – if the installer didn’t know how to use a torch properly to fuse the seams together, then the repair will be costly.
  3. Look for shrinkage. If there is evidence that the rubber membrane is pulling away from the wall or flashing due to its age, then it could still be repaired but at a considerable cost.
  4. Deep spider cracks mean the roof is over 10 years old. This could mean that it was not protected and it becomes too costly to repair.

Spider Cracks in the surface of an unprotected Torch Down Rubber Roof. If you see cracks like these then the roof is approximately 10 to 12 years old

Spider Cracks on a Torch Down Roof - How to repair a Torch Down Roofing membrane

Modified Bitumen Rubber Membranes

There are many types of Modified Bitumen Rubber. From a Torch Down to a Peel and Stick type

Repairing a Torch Down Roof is relatively easy. Using the right “Tar”, you can almost fix any Torch Down Roof

Don’ts for flat roof repair on a Torch Down

  • Do not use silicone caulking
  • Do not use roofing cement or tar from Home Depot or a Hardware store
  • Do not paint the roof with Silver Coating in the hope that it will seal the leaky area
  • Do not smear tar all over every seam and likely place you thought it could leak from

I guarantee you that if you apply the above-mentioned methods for a flat roof repair on a Modified Bitumen Rubber roof, you very likely will have to do a new roof.

Below is the list of tools needed and Instructions on how to repair a Modified bitumen Rubber Roof

Below are the Tools and Materials needed to make Roof Repairs on a Torch Down Rubber membrane

Round Nose Trowel

Round Nose Trowel to be used with Karnak 81 Trowel Grade Roofing cement to repair a flat roof
Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber Membrane for flat roof repairs

Modified Bitumen Torch Down Granular Rubber Membrane

Milwaukee Utility knife with hook blades

Milwaukee Utility Knife with hook blade for cutting the rubber membrane
Propane Tank and gloves to make a repair on a Torch Down Rubber Membrane

Propane Gas Tank and Gloves 

Propane Torch

Propane Torch to be used making repairs on a Torch Down Rubber Membrane
For repairing a Flat Roof - Karnak 81 Trowel Grade is the only Modified Bitumen Adhesive to use

Karnak 81 Trowel Grade Modified Bitumen Adhesive

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