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Articles and Videos about:

  1. How to fix a skylight leak
  2. Flat Roof Leaks caused by skylights
  3. What cause a skylight to leak
  4. Different Style Skylights for flat roofs
  5. Replacing a gasket on a skylight

Skylight Repairs on Flat Roofs

Skylights help to bring light into a room. They are functional and enhances the living space. The problem with skylights are, like anything else, have components that eventually will need to be replaced.

These components are:

  1. The glass or plexiglass – they get old or break over the years
  2.  The gasket seal between the frame and glass
  3. Mechanism that opens and closes the skylight
  4. Flashing that went wrong due to roof peoblems

Skylight leaking – How to make repairs

How to make Skylight Leak Repairs When a skylight is leaking, most of the times the flashing is what causes the leak. On a shingle roof, the flashing comes in small pieces that are layered with every row of shingles. What sometimes happens after several years, dirt...

Skylight Leak Repair Flat Roofs

Skylight Leak Repair Specialist We have been repairing leaky skylights over 30 years Leaky Skylights There are many brands, sizes, and shapes of skylights. There are many reasons for a skylight to leak. The two most common place for the leaks to occur is between the...