Flat Roof Repair

Fix, Mend or DIY Flat Roof Repair

Anyone can Fix or make a flat roof repair, but you need to know the following:

If you already have the answer to these points above, you can then choose from these three links to see how to go about repairing your flat roof:

If you never fixed a rubber roof, then it could be intimidating at first. But, if you understand the type of roof you have, and the tools needed to make the repairs, then with a little knowledge you can repair your own flat roof at a minimal cost.

Click on the appropriate links above and start learning how to fix your own flat roof.

Karnak Aluminum Asphalt Roof Coating or Silver Paint

Which Silver Coating or Asphalt Aluminum Paint to use?

The question is which brand Silver Coating to use when it comes to protecting your roof against Ultraviolet. Silver coating is an asphalt base liquid that has aluminum flakes mixed into it. These aluminum flakes give it the appearance of silver thus the name “Silver Paint” It is important to protect your roof against Ultraviolet. Modified …

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Metal Roof Repair - Coating extends life expectancy - Roofing Material

Metal Roof Repairs

Certain industrial facilities like steel, chemical, and ice plants must stay safe, operates effectively without any malfunction, and no unintended maintenance requirement or replacement for decades. In order to safeguard the equipment from untimely deterioration, standard three separate coating are used, usually in epoxy, zinc or urethanes. Although this metal roof recoating system is commonly …

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