Turbo Poly-Seal to make any leak repairs

This was my fiance’s first time to make a roof repair with Turbo Poly-Seal

Turbo Poly Seal – the go-to product for any leak repair

We use Turbo Poly-Seal for 95% of all our leak repairs. This is an amazing product that consist of a mix of Polyurethane and bituminous resin. Turbo Poly-Seal combined with a fabric or fleece makes a perfect transition between different surfaces. It will adhere to almost any surface like metal, asphalt, bitumen rubber, TPO membrane, glass, concrete and wood.

Turbo Poly Seal can be bought online at https://bergstromm.com/product/turbo-poly-seal-roof-repair-kit-5-ft/

Turbo Poly Seal and Fleece. This is a polyurethaned mixed with bitumouse resin based product use to seal flashing and make roof repairs
Turbo Poly Seal and Fleece. This is a polyurethaned mixed with bitumouse resin based product use to seal flashing and make roof repairs

All types of roofs can leak

When it comes to flat roofs, rubber roofs, and metal roofs, the chances are there that it will spring a leak some day. Rubber gaskets that fail, rubber boots on vents that break up and flashing on skylights and A/C curbs is where most leaks start. Making repairs on these areas mentioned above becomes very easy with Turbo Poly-Seal.

Watch the videos to see how easy it is to make leak repairs

Here are several videos showing how we use Turbo Poly Seal on all kind of repairs.

This was not an easy leak fix but nevertheless, Turbo Poly Seal is what saved the day

We use Turbo Poly Seal for every kind of leak repair

In the next video you will see a repairs on skylights with Turbo Poly Seal. What makes this an outstanding product is that it will adhere to metal and glass, thus making it an perfect seal where glass and metal meat.

Five easy steps to repair a leaky skylight

A Texan girl shows how to repair a leaky skylight

This is one of those very old skylights that have metal slats that holds the glass in place. most of the time water would get under these metal slats and cause a leak. To prevent this from happening, we used Turbo Poly-Seal to make a seal from the glass to the metal.

Rexan Girls showing how to seal a skylight thats leaking

Repairing Chimney flashing with Turbo Poly Seal

When it comes to metal flashing on concrete or brick wall, the chances are good that the flashing will leak where the metal attaches to the brick. Often times we see people use caulking to seal the flashing to no avail. Watch this video on how we sealed the flashing on a chimney with Turbo Poly Seal.

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Easy way to seal the flashing on a chimney to the brick

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