5 Secrets How to Find and Fix Leaks on a Roof

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How to find and fix leaks on the roof

Finding and fixing leaks is a common thing for any flat roof. The hard part is to find the cause of the leak and then the easy part is repairing the problem.

The number one cause of flat roof leaks

A flat roof leak can become worrisome to a person as water stain shows on the ceiling. This could cause panic.

I have been repairing leaks for over 35 years and have seen that ninety-nine percent of the time people would blame the material for causing leaks. People automatically assume that the material is defective or a seam has come loose.

The truth is ninety-nine percent of the time it is not the flat roof leaking, but rather some object like a vent pipe, skylight, air conditioner unit curb, siding, and adjacent shingle roofs. A leak can originate from the wires of an airconditioner that leads through a Pitch Pocket.

Yes, it is true, even if the leak originates from other objects besides the roof itself, it could cause damage to the substrate. Any leak from a skylight, roof vent, air-conditioner, can seep under the roof membrane causing the plywood to rot.

To detect what is causing a roof leak takes an experienced eye. This is why it seems that many roof technicians can’t fix a leak and get a bad name. People blame the roofer for not fixing leaks and in many cases, it is not the flat roof itself leaking.

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EPDM Rubber roof seams causing leaks. Watch how to save your roof and extend the life of it

The pictures below show places where possible leaks can be found

Always inspect a chimney from top to bottom

Flat roof leaks caused by chimneys
Leaks caused by chimneys

Ten most common places causing flat roof leaks

  1. Chimneys – The flashing or the chimney crown are always the culprits for causing leaks that show up on a flat roof
  2. Bathroom vent pipe flashing – the rubber boot around the vent pipe deteriorates in the sun and get brittle causing leaks
  3. Curb flashings – Many times the membrane is not properly tucked underneath the flashing of a curb of skylights and air conditioners and will cause leaks
  4. The skylight seal on the top goes bad and can cause a leak
  5. Drains – some drains are not compatible with the rubber membranes and could start leaks
  6. Posts – railing posts are one of the main causes of leaks on a roof with a deck
  7. Door sills – when a door opens out onto a deck, the flashing underneath will cause leaks
  8. Pitch pockets – a pitch pocket is an open bottom container to feed conduit and wires through. Leaks are caused due to drying and cracking tar around conduits and wires.
  9. Flashing against walls – this is almost the number one cause for a flat roof leak
  10. Rubber Roof Seams – seams can cause leaks as to poor workmanship

Pitch Pocket – the number one culprit for causing leaks

As foam insulation deteriorates around a conduit pipe, water will seep in.

To find and fix leaks on a commercial roof is as simple as looking at a Pitch Pocket
The Foam Insulation around the conduit breaks down allowing water to seep in causing a flat roof leak
To find and fix leaks is simple but costly if let alone for a long time
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