Chimney Grouting or Re-Pointing

Chimney Re-Pointing or Re-Grouting

Removing the old cement or grout between the stone is not an easy task

The cement grout is the most neglected part of chimney repairs. Most people will just try to caulk cracks or use some sealant. Removing old grout or cement from between the stone or bricks is not easy and can take up a lot of time.

Fieldstone chimneys

Fieldstone chimneys have a nice appeal, but they have their problems. Many times we have to deal with these types of chimneys to prevent the leaks occurring on the roof.

Four reasons why fieldstone structures are hard to seal against water:

  1. The stone has hair cracks in itself and can’t be detected with the naked eye.
  2. The cement mortar used to fill the grout joints between the stone can’t seal smaller cracks.
  3. Some of the stone is flaking.
  4. Many masons don’t use a cement slush to prime the stone before grouting and therefore the grout doesn’t stick to the stone.
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