Naas Ferreira - DIY Fix a Roof support guide

I started his roofing business in 1997. Then, the roofing industry was seeing its last bit of the Hot Tar Roofs. I was introduced to a Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing System.

Erik Ferreira - Roofing Contractor

I have been a roofing contractor for over seven years. I learned about roofing when I was a teenager shooting the videos for my father’s roofing business, Flat Roof Doctor.

Sven Ferreira - Pitt Roofing Contractor in Monroeville PA

My roofing experience began at the age of 10 when I shot the videos for my father’s roofing business in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Flat Roof repairs

Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs Flat Roof Leak Repair Specialists We are the flat roof leak repairs specialists. We repair all types of roof leaks. From Modified …

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Andre Ferreira - Roofing Contractor

At the age of 16, my father Naas took me out of school to work on roofing projects amongst the other laborers