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Do It Yourself Flat Roof Repairs

Check out the articles listed below about repairs and where to find them
Torch Down Rubber membraneEPDM Rubber Membrane

Articles About:

  1. Fixing a leaky post on a deck
  2. Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs
  3. Flashing and Siding cause leaks
  4. When not to repair a flat roof
  5. Valley Flashing – repairs

These articles are to help you to identify areas on your flat roof that could cause the leaks. Fixing a leaky area will depend on what it is. Remember to try to use materials that are compatible with the roofing system that you have.

A list of Don’ts:

  1. Do not use silicone caulking for any repairs
  2. Do not use tar or roofing cement from Home Depot or Lowes
  3. Do not shovel snow off a flat roof
  4. Do not leave debris around drains
  5. Do not chop ice off a roof

Flat Roof Repair leak. Roof Repair kit

Installing shingles on a low pitch roof. See images below. To nail down flashing. Installing a second layer of shingle over a roof that is not suited for it. Skylights that are meant for flat roofs are installed on pitched roofs. Not adequate flashing against a wall...

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How to fix leaky post and railings on a flat roof

Posts on Flat Roofs causes leaks. What to look for and how to solve the problem Post and Railings on roofs make up for most leaks Most roof leaks are caused by inadequate flashing on a post. This is one of the most common areas where a leak starts. Watch this video to...

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How to repair drains, flashing, chimney – 11 videos DIY

Flat Roof Repair - Video Flat Roof Repair - Pitch Pocket The most overlooked element on flat roofs is a Pitch Pocket. Watch the video to understand what a Pitch Pocket is and how simple a flat roof repair can be. Video on Flat Roof Repair involving a pitch pocket...

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Flat Roof Repair – New Canaan, Westport, redding

Flat Roof Repair - New Canaan, Westport, Redding When it comes to flat roof repair, don't feel overwhelmed. Serving New Canaan to Westport and Redding. There are many ways and tricks fixing leaks on flat roofs. Most of the flat roof repairs needed are around vents...

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EPDM Membrane Roof – Issues to avoid – Watch Video

EPDM Membrane Roof: Harmful UV Rays Cause Shrinkage - Watch Video EPDM Membrane Roof is black and thin. These roofing membranes shrink, absorbs heat, and the adhesives fail due to ultraviolet rays. EPDM Roofing: Installed on Commercial Roofs Despite Defects  Ethylene...

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Brownstone Flat Roof Leaks – Watch Video

Brownstone Flat Roofs  Brownstone flat roofs are separated by parapet walls and chimneys. These walls and chimneys are smeared with tar to protect against leaking. This tar will eventually dry and crack, causing fissures that expand and create leaks. Instead of...

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Clean Cut Roofing Longview – Flat Roof Repairs

"The Texas Roofers" are known for their quality roofing. All types of Roof Installations and Repairs     We are the Roofing Contractor that serve Longview and surrounding towns.       We are the Roofing Contractor for Northeast Texas: Tel. for fast service: 903 -...

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Naas Ferreira – Roofing Consultant

Naas Ferreira - Roofing Contractor and Consultant I started his roofing business in 1997. Then, the roofing industry was seeing its last bit of the Hot Tar Roofs. I was introduced to a Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing System. Most roofing contractors got into it....

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Flat Roof Repairs – Norwalk CT

Flat Roof Repairs Flat roof repairs are relatively easy to make, but finding the cause of the problem is harder. There are many types of materials used on flat roofs, and each one requires special techniques and experience to do repairs. EPDM, TPO, and Torch Down...

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Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs

Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs We have been repairing flat roofs for the last 30 years Flat Roof Leak Repair Specialists We are the flat roof leak repairs specialists. We repair all types of roof leaks. From Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber, EPDM Rubber, TPO  roofs. Our...

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Flat Roof – Flashing and siding causes the most problems.

Flat Roof – Flashing and siding cause the most problems Click here to find out How to find leaks and make Flat Roof Repairs This article will help you to see how you can easily fix your own roof   Flat Roof Flashing Flat Roof Flashing is the most critical part of any...

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Roof Does Not Collapse After Five Thousand Pounds of Weight

It is strange how many people will shovel their roofs during a snow season because they  are worried that the roof may collapse. I took this video where we placed the roofing material for the entire house on a small roof. All together it was five thousand pounds of...

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