Silver Coating or Aluminum Coating

Article and Video about:

  1. A video explaining the “Silver Coating”
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. Stone or Rock used for UV protection
  4. Embedded Ceramic Granules for coating
  5. How to apply the coating to a rubber roof

Silver Coating or Aluminum Asphalt Coating

Silver Coating or Aluminum Asphalt coating is painted on old Build-up Hot Tar roofs and also on Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber membranes. The purpose of this coating is to protect the roof from harmful ultraviolet rays.

The benefit of The Aluminum coating is:

  1. The paint reflects most of the sun and therefore doesn’t get as hot. saving on A/C expenses
  2. The paint will double the life of the roof
  3. Causes less maintenance cost over its lifetime

Warning!!  Do not use Silver Paint to seal a leaky rubber membrane or an old Hot Tar Roof.

Fix the leaks first

Which Silver Coating or Asphalt Aluminum Paint to use?

Which Silver Coating or Asphalt Aluminum Paint to use?

by Naas Ferreira | Aug 10, 2018 | Flat Roof RepairSilver Roof Coating / Aluminum Asphalt Paint | 0 Comments

The question is which brand Silver Coating to use when it comes to protecting your roof against Ultraviolet. Silver coating is an asphalt base liquid that has aluminum flakes mixed into it. These aluminum flakes give it the appearance of silver thus the…

Silver Coating or Aluminum Asphalt Paint Seal- watch video

Silver Coating or Aluminum Asphalt Paint Seal- watch the video

by Naas Ferreira | Jun 18, 2017 | Silver Roof Coating / Aluminum Asphalt PaintTorch Down Rubber Roofs | 0 Comments

Silver Coating or Aluminum Asphalt Paint Sealant on Rubber Roofs Silver coating or Aluminum Asphalt paint is used to coat  Asphalt based roofs to protect against ultraviolet rays. These roofs are the old Hot Tar roof systems and then also the Modified Bitumen…

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