How to save your Metal Roof by Repairing Leaks Permanently

A very simple and effective method repairing metal roof leaks with Turbo poly Seal

This video shows how easy it is to repair a leak on a metal roof with Turbo Poly Seal

The problem

For years people have used tar and caulking to repair seams and flashing on metal roofs. This leads to more problems because tar will dry out in several months and caulking does not provide the flexibility needed for metals expansion and contractions.

Tar is a petroleum-based product and with the extreme heat that is generated by the sun, it will accelerate the evaporation of the chemicals in the tar causing it to dry and crack.

Caulking is not designed to withstand extreme heat and does not have the flexibility needed on metal seams that expands and contracts all day long.

The answer to the problem

For many years I have tried many different products and techniques to repair metal roof seams and flashing. One of the methods was to use a Modified Bitumen Rubber membrane with Karnak adhesives. This proves to be an excellent solution but too hard to implement for anyone. The rubber is very thick and stiff and not readily available to the public.

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Below is a video where we use the Modified Bitumen Rubber to make a metal roof leak repair

This video shows where we use Modified Bitumen Rubber with a Karnak adhesive to make a metal roof leak repair

The Breakthrough

After my son, Andre started his own roofing company, he called me one day and told me about Turbo Poly Seal and Super Silicone Seal. Because I am set in my “old” ways, I was not eager to look at any other products. He was so convinced about using Turbo Poly Seal and Super Silicone for roof repairs and flashing, that he bought me a bucket of each. That was an $800 expense out of his pocket. I had no choice but to try it out.

At first, I was skeptic. It was too easy, too simple. How can any leak be fixed with a paintbrush or roller? Nevertheless, my first application using Turbo Poly Seal was lining a scupper on a roof I did many years ago that started to leak. Several months later I went back to the same roof for another issue, and I was shocked to see how well this Turbo Poly Seal performed.

Here is a video where we are repairing a metal roof with Turbo Poly Seal.

On another occasion, I was called to fix a leak on a balcony roof. I took the Super Silicone Seal bucket which Andre has given me and lined an entire gutter with it. This worked so amazingly that I was sold on these two products.

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