Metal Roof Recovery – the best way and less costly

Metal Roof Recovery – the best way and less costly

Commercial Metal roof recovery

There are many methods of salvaging a metal roof that has gone past its life cycle. Most ideas are to spray a coating over a metal roof. When you look and listen to all the coating manufacturers, they all claim to do a good job. From our experiences, we have not found any coating that can last a long time. When applied they all look good, it’s like a new painting in a building. but that’s all it is.

We have developed a method that we have to learn from doing flat roof installation. The idea is to install a rubber membrane directly to the metal.  On all our roofs, the biggest challenge is to attach the rubber to the flashing. over the years we have come up with a proven method and we have applied that principle to metal roof recovery.

This method of our works so well for several reasons.

  1. We use petroleum based sealer and adhesive.
  2. The metal can be rusty and dirty, the tar will stick and seal all of that.
  3. It’s less expensive than silicone or epoxy coatings.
  4. After we applied our sealant/ adhesive, we add a rubber membrane over that sealant that adheres to the sealant.
  5. The membrane gives added strength and protection against UV’s.
  6. The membrane also can take the expansion and contraction of the metal.

Watch this video and see how we do it.

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