Metal Roof Repairs with Super Silicone Seal

After discovering Super Silicone Seal, I will never fix a metal roof with any other product

There are many methods of salvaging a metal roof that has gone past its life cycle. Most ideas are to spray a coating over a metal roof. When you look and listen to all the coating manufacturers, they all claim to do a good job. From our experiences, we have not found any coating that can last a long time. When applied they all look good, it’s like a new painting on a building. but that’s all it is.

After many years of repairing metal roofs, using various methods, I came across Super Silicone Seal from Bergstrom Industries, which changed everything for us.

Reasons why Super Silicone Seal is the best product to seal leaks on a metal roof.

  1. Super Silicone Seal has super bonding agencies that will adhere to plastic, metal, asphalt, glass
  2. Ultraviolet Rays does not effect Super Silicone Seal
  3. It is white and therefore will not absorb heat that causes deterioration
  4. It is super flexible
  5. The Polyester Fleece gives it the tensile strength that is barely matched with other products
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2 thoughts on “Metal Roof Repairs with Super Silicone Seal”

  1. So which product should I use to seal seams on metal roof? Poly seal or silicone? I want to get the correct product given the cost. I am in SE Texas -Beaumont to be specific-and have a low-pitch porch that is giving me fits with random leaks

    1. They both are good
      Turbo Poly Seal has a thicker consistency. You can only get around 25 – 40 sq ft of coverage from a gallon. It is best practice to apply a protective coating against UV degradation.
      Super Silicone Seal is more liquid and is white. This product does not need a protective coating against UV’s. Super Silicone Seal will get around 70 sq per gallon of coverage.

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