Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repairs are easy to do if you the know-how

Metal roof repair on the seams only. See how we removed all the tar from the seams and then repair the seams with Turbo Poly Seal

Most people use tar, caulking, and silver coating to try and stop leaks on a metal roof. It is very important to make sure that the products that are used, will not make the problem worse. Watch this video above to see how tar almost destroyed a metal roof.

Why do metal roofs leak?

Most metal roofs start to leak at the seams of two overlaying panels. With the initial installation, a gasket or sealant is placed between the joining panels. This gasket or caulking deteriorates over time due to the extensive heat from the sun. The contraction and expansion also wear away or brakes the seal. In conjunction with the seal giving, the fasteners above the seams also wear out and cause leaks.

When these fasteners leak, water will then collect behind the gasket or sealant. This is why it always appears that the seams are leaking.

There are several types of coatings on the market. None of them come close to the durability and strength of a coating with a rubber membrane on top of it.
In this image we are spraying a coat of Karnak 66 brush grade in the bays of the metal roof
After applying the sealant/adhesive to the metal, we lay a rubber membrane that adheres to the roof. This will protect and recover the roof for 30 years or more.
In this image we install SBS rubber membrane. The Karnak Adhesives will bond the rubber to the metal
Metal roof repairs
This is what it looks like when the entire roof is completed
What, do I have to write a review?
What, do I have to write a review?

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