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What about your Chimney flashing or Chimney Crown?

Chimney Crown seal with Turbo Poly Seal
Chimney Crown seal with Turbo Poly Seal

The counter flashing on chimneys is always a problem with chimneys. Many times, the counter flashing has to be embedded in the stone or brick wall. This is where most people don’t get it right.

How to check a chimney for leaks

  • Make sure the sealant that is used on the counter flashing still holds
  • Check if the counter flashing is still intact
  • Check for cracks in the chimney
  • Inspect the chimney crown – This is the topmost part of the chimney – Most of the time, these cement slabs crack and causes leaks.
  • Make sure the rubber membrane is properly attached to the flashing on the chimney.

In the image, notice where the metal flashing meets the cement grout. That little crack is where water leaks from on a flat roof More on Chimney Repairs

Costly Flat Roof Leaks - 10 steps to Find and Repair Leaks DIY 1
The crack between the cement and the flashing is where water leaks in. This is best repaired with Turbo Poly Seal or Super Silicone Seal

The most overlooked problem on a chimney is the flashing. Cement does not adhere to metal and does not create a watertight seal. This issue has been around for a long time. Most people will either use Caulking or Tar to try and seal it.

The best product we have found to remedy this problem is Turbo Poly Seal or Super Silicone Seal. Watch the video on how to repair the flashing on a leaky chimney.

Repairing chimney flashing with Turbo Poly Seal. Super Silicone Seal can also be used instead of Turbo Poly Seal.

Chimney Crown

Most chimney crowns have a thin non reinforced cement slab on the top. This cement slab cracks over time causing the chimney to leak. This type of leak is noticeable inside the fireplace or sometimes in the basement.

Watch the next video to see how to seal or waterproof a chimney crown.

A Chimney Crown that is sealed with Turbo Poly Seal
Instruction GuideSee how to use
Writing a review is food for thought
Writing a review is food for thought

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