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Are the Metal Roof Seams causing leaks?

There are 4 common issues that cause leaks on metal roofs and they are:

What is the cause of Metal Roof Leaks

  • Overlapping Seams between two joining panels
  • Fasteners that lose their torque strenth
  • Roof penetrations
  • Standing Water
Metal Roof Seams that cause leaks
Metal Roof Seams that cause leaks need repairing

Seams on a Metal Roof

When a metal roof is newly installed, there is a rubber or foam gasket placed in between the overlapping seams that seal the overlapping seams from leaking.

Fasteners are used to compress this gasket causing a tight seal between the metal panels. These fasteners have a neoprene washer that deteriorates over time causing the fastener to loosen up and in turn taking pressure off the gasket between the panels. This allows then water to leak in through the fasteners and seams.

Metal Roof Seam Repair on a leaky roof
This is the progress of repairing the seams on a metal roof

This picture shows what most people do when they repair a metal roof. Tar is the Go-to product. Tar will always dry out and crack.

Metal Roof Seam that is repaired with Tar
Most people will use Tar to fix a metal roof.

Watch this video to see how to fix a metal roof seam that is rusted and leaking

This video is about Repairing a leaky metal roof at the seams

How to Repair a Metal Roof Seam with Turbo Poly seal

  • Remove all existing tar and caulking
  • Remove the hexagon fasteners
  • If a metal band exists, remove it
  • Use an angle grinder with a wire brush to prepare the surface
  • Use flat head screws and screw tight both overlapping panels
  • Take a disposable brush and apply a coat of Turbo Poly Seal approximately 3″ on either side of the seam
  • Install a 4″ wide polyester fleece over the seam
  • Apply a final coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering the entire fleece
  • After 24 hours, apply 1 coat of Silver Coat Protection over the Turbo Poly Seal to protect it against ultraviolets
So, did you write a review?
So, did you write a review?

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