Costly Flat Roof Leaks – 10 steps to Find and Repair Leaks DIY

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Is your Skylight Leaking

Watch this video on how to repair a skylight leak

All skylights will eventually leak. There are basically 2 types of skylights found on roofs:

  • Flat Glass Skylights
  • Round Dome Plexi Glass Skylights

Skylights on flat roofs

Making Skylight Repairs on a flat roof can be tricky. Here are a few tips where you can begin.

  How to check for Skylight Leaks

  • Skylight flashing – make sure that the rubber membrane has not come loose from the metal flashing. In some cases, the rubber membrane is the flashing as well and is tucked underneath the skylight frame. In other circumstances, the membrane is attached to the skylight flashing. Pull up on the membrane and see if you can lift it from the flashing. It should be tight and secure
  • Skylight Dome and Frame – when the glass or plexiglass dome of the skylight is secured with a metal frame, then it is likely that the rubber gasket that seals between the glass and the frame has dried and cracked
  • Corners on skylights – In many cases where the rubber membrane is galvanized around the corners of the skylight, can cause leaks due to the seams separation
  • Cracked Plexiglass – The plastic or plexiglass domes on skylights crack due to ultralight exposure

From our experience, it is better to use Super Silicone Seal to make a skylight repair than Turbo Poly Seal

Below is a video where Turbo Poly Seal is used to make a leak repair

This video gives a step by step instruction on how to repair a skylight leak

An Atrium Style Skylight

These atrium-style skylights will; need to be replaced because of the plexiglass cracking causing leaks

Atrium-Style-Skylight made from Plexiglass is cracked and need to be replaced
Atrium-Style-Skylight made from Plexiglass is cracked and need to be replaced

How to inspect a roof drain for leaks

  • Remove the strainer
  • Check if debris has collected inside the drainpipe blocking it
  • Inspect the membrane that is attached to the drain to see if there are any tears or cracks
  • Remove all debris
  • Remove all water completely to make a visual inspection

A-List of Manufacturers of Skylights:

Skylight Flat Glass with curb for Flat Roofs
This is a flat Glass skylight on a curb to be installed on a flat roof

The skylight in the above picture is the most problematic skylights and are very hard to repair. From experience, these skylights will always leak due to a faulty design.

A Plexiglass Domed Skylight

A Plexiglass Skylight Domed
This a is a domed Plexiglass skylight

What, do I have to write a review?
What, do I have to write a review?

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